Lupines” by Matthew Burns and “Taken By a Red Flower” by Carol Berg will be printed and bound in a limited edition tête-bêche pamphlet.

From the Blue Fairy collects poems composed from words and phrases in Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book (1889); it includes:

What We Said to the Lost Girls” by Amy Beveridge (22 October 2017)

In Sleep’s Cape” by Karen George (20 August 2017)

How to Beat Departure” (17 September 2017) and “In the End” (3 December 2017) by Laurie Kolp

Other Signs” by Deborah Purdy (31 December 2017)

Of Climates & Continents is a pamphlet of poems crafted from W. G. Kendrew’s Climates of the Continents (1922); it includes:

West of where the natives say is conversation” by Elizabeth (Betsy) Aoki (5 November 2017)

Summer Isotherms” by Melissa Frederick (3 September 2017)

Eve Takes to the Air” by Karen L. George (19 November 2017)

For the Same Reason” by Deborah Purdy (1 October 2017)

Songs is a quartet of erasures of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” by Eric Del Giacco, Jim Morrison, Kendrick Prewitt, and Taylor Prewitt (4 June 2017).