Volume 5 (ongoing)

The following poems are part of Heron Tree volume 5, edited by Carol Berg, Matthew Burns, Chris Campolo, and Rebecca Resinski. Poems will be added to the list as they are published on the site and will be collected in a free PDF ebook.


Pat Anthony, “Coots at Cedar Lake” (24 September 2017)

Deborah Bacharach, “Lot’s Wife Addresses Her Audience” (21 May 2017)

Kyce Bello, “Equinox” (7 May 2017)

Ryan Clark, “Prairie” (29 October 2017)

Kara Dorris, “Say you say” (11 June 2017)

Stephanie McCarley Dugger, “First Syrup, On Making Molasses” (16 July 2017) and “Lessons” (10 September 2017)

Alicia Elkort, “After the death of both parents” (14 January 2018)

Jennifer Hambrick, “Matryoshka” (2 July 2017)

Lois Marie Harrod, “Love Poem Stuttering towards a Metaphor” (9 July 2017)

Ronnie Hess, “Middleton Owl” (26 November 2017)

Steve Klepetar, “In the Bushes” (9 April 2017)

Brandon Krieg, “Temple Builders’ Lament” (2 April 2017)

Jan LaPerle, “After Running to My Daughter Late in the Night, She Tells Me Her Nightmare is About Snakes, Not Poisonous, and a Little Bit of Bears” (23 July 2017)

Michele Leavitt, “First and Last” (14 May 2017)

Angie Macri, “They are not there:” (15 October 2017)

Katie Manning, “The Book of Ice” (26 February 2017)

Ann E. Michael, “At a Girl Scout Lodge” (18 June 2017)

Patricia J. Miranda, “Plotting” (30 April 2017)

Gillian Nevers, “Letter to Dan from Rome” (5 March 2017)

James Owens, “A Prayer for Unison” (19 February 2017)

Andrea Potos, “My Grandfather’s Home” (10 December 2017)

Alan Perry, “Exoplanet” (8 October 2017)

M. S. Rooney, “Touching” (19 March 2017)

Bradley Samore, “Winter Offering” (17 December 2017)

Cameron Schneberger, “8 Maxims for the Hickory Road Ghost” (7 January 2018)

Alec Solomita, “My Love’s in a Snowdrift” (27 August 2017)

Phillip Sterling, “Fog” (6 August 2017)

Christine Swint, “Letter to My Father at the Winter Solstice” (13 August 2017)

E. H. Thatcher, “Still Life” (30 July 2017)

Jeanne Wagner, “Gabriel and the Virgin: Fra Angelico’s Annunciation” (12 November 2017)

Paul Wiegel, “Uncoupling” (16 April 2017)

Marty Williams, “The Clearing (for My Father)” (12 March 2017)

Burgi Zenhaeusern, “Rubber Glove” (23 April 2017)