Volume 7

We will be posting poems for volume 7 starting in late January 2020. Poems will be listed below once they’ve been published on the site. They will ultimately be collected in a free, downloadable PDF ebook.


Wendy Taylor Carlisle, “Spell: an Ozark Sonnet” (1 March 2020)

Wim Coleman, “Tarot Trump XXI: The World” (9 February 2020)

Nels Hanson, “A Book” (15 March 2020)

Angie Macri, “Witch Hollow Road” (16 February 2020)

Jennifer Stewart Miller, “Under the Apple Tree” (26 January 2020)

Jennifer Polson Peterson, “The Pool: Sonnet 2” (23 February 2020)

Andrea Potos, “The Woman in the Van Gogh Painting” (2 February 2020)

M. A. Scott, “Threnody” (8 March 2020)

Bonnie Wehle, “The Cherry Pit” (5 April 2020)