Volume 9

We began posting poems for volume 9 of Heron Tree in February 2022. Poems will be posted weekly and listed here once they are published on the site. They will eventually be collected and available in a free downloadable PDF.


Poems created from the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Kate Falvey, “The Three Visionary Girls” (4 May 2022)

Lesley Finn, “Mother in New-Fallen Snow” (3 August 2022)

Karen George, “Ars Poetica” (23 February 2022), “Become Like the Sea, a Vessel” (6 July 2022)

Joan Leotta, “Birds” (15 June 2022)

Jami McCarty, “Snow-Image” (14 September 2022)


Poems created using Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills

Susan Kay Anderson, “At Radio Central” (20 April 2022), “When I Was a Boy” (13 July 2022)

B. J. Buckley, “Imagine a Grand Picnic” (27 July 2022)

Jennifer Hernandez, “Inductance” (21 September 2022)


J. A. Lagana, “receiving” (22 June 2022)

Jackson Oscar, “A Dear Telephone” (31 August 2022)

Basiliké Pappa, “PORTUGUESE WIRES” (23 March 2022)

Deborah Purdy, “Away from Home” (1 June 2022)

M. E. Silverman, “John Mills’ Letter of a Radio Engineer to his Son on Electricity and Matter” (6 April 2022)

Christine Veasey, “Dear Youth” (11 May 2022)


Poems created with other pre-1927 materials

Deborah-Zenha Adams, “hold the world” (30 March 2022), “the naked eye may send” (28 September 2022)

James Benton, “Address Alternate Gettysburg Lincoln’s of Reading” (27 April 2022)

Maria L. Berg, “Repent” (20 July 2022)

Iris Jamahl Dunkle, “Earthquake” (7 September 2022)

Melissa Frederick, “The Moon, This Unending Night” (10 August 2022)

Diane LeBlanc, “Two Telescopic Views of the Moon” (8 June 2022)

Richard L. Matta, “Embracing the Unknown Cento” (25 May 2022)

K Roberts, [see; that last lovely tree] (13 April 2022)

Kelly R. Samuels, “Riding Several Horses” (2 March 2022)

Jonathan Yungkans, “Forslin’s Jig” (16 March 2022), “Our Shadows Descend” (29 June 2022)