Volume 8

Heron Tree volume 8 is devoted to found poetry, and we began posting poems for the volume in January 2021. New poems will be published weekly and will be collected in a free downloadable PDF at the end of the year. Links to individual poems will be provided below as poems are added to the site.


Susan Kay Anderson, “The Problem” (21 April 2021)

Gabriella Brand, “Fidelity in a Bed of Pinks” (18 August 2021)

Pamela Hobart Carter, “Latitudes” (12 May 2021)

Wendy DeGroat, “New York Herald v. Daily Dispatch” (1 September 2021)

Mary Christine Delea, “Still Life” (4 August 2021)

Connor Fisher, “Tornado Watch” (24 February 2021)

Mark Fisher, “I know more about death” (17 March 2021)

Melissa Frederick, “Once More, the Moon” (14 July 2021)

Mariko O. Gordon, “Nightfall” (3 March 2021)

Megan Hartford, “A Warning” (24 March 2021), “Alive” (25 August 2021)

Lou Ella Hickman, “crossing” (30 June 2021)

Mary Crockett Hill, [banners of red] (8 September 2021)

C. E. Janecek, “Heaven to Those Who Are Asleep” (27 January 2021)

Colleen E. Kennedy, “You weave, and I” (10 March 2021), “Sonnet” (15 September 2021)

Laurie Kolp, “Her final days” (17 February 2021), “The Tree and the Flower” (7 July 2021)

Diane LeBlanc, “How to Keep from Keeping” (28 July 2021)

Basilike Pappa, “How to Become a God and Fade from Sight” (9 June 2021)

Winston Plowes, “HOW TO HIVE A SWARM” (2 June 2021)

Deborah Purdy, “Enough” (10 February 2021), “Try to Find a Reason” (23 June 2021)

Sarah Sarai, “I Shall Be Removed” (31 March 2021)

Jennifer Saunders, “A Handbook for Happiness and Honey (An Introduction to Delight)” (7 April 2021)

Shloka Shankar, “The Desert of My Love” (19 May 2021)

Sheree Shatsky, “Reflection” (14 April 2021)

Kashiana Singh, “when honey is scarce” (16 June 2021)

Pamela Wax, “The Woman Who: A Found Poem” (26 May 2021)

Ann Weil, “The Importance of the Screw” (3 February 2021), “Instructions for Carving by the Coroner Poet” (21 July 2021)

Amy A. Whitcomb, “The Desert Inside Us: Mary Austin’s California in Found Haiku” (5 May 2021)