“The Woman Who: A Found Poem”

“The Woman Who: A Found Poem” by Pamela Wax was created from book titles. Please click here to read.

About the poem and the process of composing it, Pamela writes:

“The Woman Who: A Found Poem” is compiled from book titles I gleaned when searching the internet for the words a woman who or the woman who. Most of the scores of titles were discarded, leaving me to play with and organize the final form you see here. While many words were edited out of the original titles, only the words and and she have been added.

When I wrote this poem, I did not yet fully understand that found poetry was a “thing” and wondered if it was legal and/or ethical for me to use book titles in this way. I even wondered if I could use the word write in regard to what I did with it—it was more like creating a collage or putting a puzzle together. So, thanks to Heron Tree, it has been a joy to discover the many ways that found poetry can be created and to know that there are fellow creators out there!