Where To Find Us


We can be reached by email at info.herontree@gmail.com (for questions) and submit.herontree@gmail.com (for submissions).

Updates and announcements will be posted on our Facebook page.

Heron Tree One, Two, Three, and Four are available as print-on-demand volumes from Lulu.com, priced at cost.

Found in the Public Domain, Heron Tree Five, SixSeven, Eight, Nine, and Visual Poetry in Black & White are available as free downloadable PDFs. Also visit our Pamphlets page for more free downloadable PDFs as well as information about requesting a free paper copy of Petals.

You can even get a weekly announcement about freshly published poems! Add yourself to the list by emailing us at notices.herontree@gmail.com. (The same email address can also be used to unsubscribe.)