an August gathering

Last week we published the last poem in our line-up of weekly postings for Heron Tree volume 10. This week we invite you to visit or re-visit the poems we’ve published since our first volume 10 link-list in May.

Poems created from pre-1928 materials

Susan April, “Drift

Susan Barry-Schulz, “A Full Accounting of the Fruits of Mrs. Dalloway

Wilda Morris, “The Sun

Poems created from the Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper (1653)

Susan Kay Anderson, “Bay Tree

Pamela Hobart Carter, “Green Time

Jessica Cory, “Of Flowers

Kate Falvey, “Drinking Daisies

Michelle Lynch, “Angelica

You can reach the earlier link-list by clicking here.

And you can reach the full volume 10 list by clicking here.