one farewell, two hellos


Dear readers,

When we decided to launch Heron Tree, we immediately thought of asking Sandy Longhorn to join us. She worked with us as a co-editor from the planning stages through the past four years, and we are grateful for her contributions and perspective at every step along the way. With other opportunities on her horizon, she is now taking leave of Heron Tree. Carol Berg and Matthew Burns will be joining the team in November, and we will welcome them more formally in the coming weeks. For now, we would like to thank Sandy for all she has brought to the table and wish her well in her positions as director of the C. D. Wright Women Writers Conference and assistant professor in the Arkansas Writers MFA Program at the University of Central Arkansas.

We’ll close with some words Sandy has written for the occasion:

“Choosing to leave Heron Tree was a difficult decision for me as I have so enjoyed being a part of this journal. I want to thank Rebecca Resinski and Chris Campolo for inviting me along on the journey. Because of their generosity, the past four years have been filled with poetry and conversations about poetry, for which I am grateful. As I turn now to my future endeavors, I will enjoy Heron Tree as a reader, and I will look forward to all the new poems to come.”