a spring break

HERON TREE is taking a break from posting this week, but we hope you’ll visit or revisit the poems we’ve published so far this year:

Susan Kay Anderson, “The Problem

Connor Fisher, “Tornado Watch

Mark A. Fisher, “I know more about death

Mariko Gordon, “Nightfall

Megan Hartford, “A Warning

C. E. Janacek, “Heaven to Those Who Are Asleep

Colleen E. Kennedy, “You weave, and I

Laurie Kolp, “Her Final Days

Deborah Purdy, “Enough

Sarah Sarai, “I Shall Be Removed

Jennifer Saunders, “A Handbook for Happiness and Honey (An Introduction to Delight)

Sheree Shatsky, “Reflection

Ann Weil, “The Importance of the Screw