a summer break

HERON TREE is taking a break from posting a new poem this week, but we invite you to check out the submission information for volume 9 (submissions open on August 15th) and to visit or revisit the poems we’ve published since our spring break:

Pamela Hobart Carter, “Latitudes

Mary Christine Delea, “Still Life

Melissa Frederick, “Once More, the Moon

Lou Ella Hickman, “crossing

Laurie Kolp, “The Tree and the Flower

Diane LeBlanc, “How to Keep from Keeping

Basilike Pappa, “How to Become a God and Fade from Sight

Winston Plowes, “HOW TO HIVE A SWARM

Deborah Purdy, “Try to Find a Reason

Shloka Shankar, “The Desert of My Love

Kashiana Singh, “when honey is scarce

Pamela Wax, “The Woman Who: A Found Poem

Ann Weil, “Instructions for Carving by the Coroner Poet

Amy A. Whitcomb, “The Desert Inside Us: Mary Austin’s California in Found Haiku