a summer breather

We’re taking a breather at Heron Tree this week, but we hope you’ll linger to visit or revisit our 2020 poems so far:

Wendy Taylor Carlisle, “Spell: an Ozark Sonnet

Kirsten Shu-ying Chen, “This too shall pass

Wim Coleman, “Tarot Trump XXI: The World

E. J. Evans, “The Runaway Child

Deborah Fass, “Leap Day

Melissa Frederick, “While I Lie with the Beehives

Nels Hanson, “A Book

Gwen Hart, “Goldfinches

Mark Hummel, “Last Days

Molly Lynde, “The Completeness of Lemons

Angie Macri, “Witch Hollow Road

Tamara Madison, “Making way

Jennifer Stewart Miller, “Under the Apple Tree

Jenn Monroe, “Left Unchecked They Hold Fast

Jennifer Polson Peterson, “The Pool: Sonnet 2

Andrea Potos, “The Woman in the Van Gogh Painting

David Anthony Sam, “Enlargement

M. A. Scott, “Threnody

Jeanne Wagner, “Jungfrau

Bonnie Wehle, “The Cherry Pit