a late autumn break

We’ve finished posting poems for volume 8 and will release a (free) PDF collection of them before the end of 2021. In the meanwhile, we invite you to check out the submission information for volume 9 and to visit or revisit the poems published since our summer break:

Susan Kay Anderson, “Digression

Amy Beveridge, “We Hunted the Invisible

Gabriella Brand, “Fidelity in a Bed of Pinks

Wendy DeGroat, “New York Herald v. Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Megan Hartford, “Alive

Mary Crockett Hill, [banners of red]

Laurie Kolp, “Why Not?

Jarrett Moran, “Deceptive Land Purchase: Ox Hide Measure

Rebecca Patrascu, “How to Winter Bees

Deborah Purdy, “Gratitude Cento

Lynda Gene Rymond, “Authority Based on Actual Tests

Shloka Shankar, “A Trick of Thought

Sheree Shatsky, “the end of the world had come